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Calling all young entrepreneurs!

Origami Owl invites young men and women ages 11-17 to join its Owlette program. Being an Owlette means more than growing your skills and understanding business, its about feeling more confident, being recognized for your efforts, making new friends and helping people tell their stories through jewelry. The Origami Owl social selling model provides you the platform to launch and run a business, alongside a parent or other adult, while earning FREE jewelry and extra income, and most importantly making a difference in the lives of others.


Help others and make friends


Have fun and be the best you can be!


Invest in your future and yourself

Bella + Chrissy: The Original O2 Duo

At Origami Owl, everyone is welcome! Hear from co-Founders Bella and Chrissy Weems – the first official Owlette duo, and other amazing teams who have committed to building a business side-by-side. What you’ll find is that while this is a jewelry company (and a pretty cool one at that), what it's really about is sharing stories and building a network of friends and family that share your passion and your dream.

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